Attorney Heather Harris discusses LVMPD Accident Policy

Did you miss Heather Harris when she spoke with Alan Stock regarding the new Accident Investigation Policy announced by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department?

The discussion was lively and included several calls from concerned citizens around the Las Vegas Valley. One suggestion that Alan Stock had is to create a new category of police employee that would be able to investigate these property damage only accidents, but would not cost the citizens of Las Vegas as much as a full time police officer.
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Las Vegas Car Accidents by the Numbers

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (Metro / LVMPD) released their car accident statistics for the year so far.  The numbers include January 1, 2014 through February 4, 2014.  There were 8.37% fewer collisions this year than there were during this same time period last year.  Metro also reports that there have been fewer DUI arrests during this same time period.  Showing just how dangerous it can be to ride a motorcycle in Las Vegas, LVMPD reports that 50% of the fatalities in its jurisdiction involved a motorcycle.  Overall, there were 929 traffic accidents during the reporting period.
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