Las Vegas Auto Accident Attorney Explains How Defensive Driving Can Prevent an Accident

Statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration show that nearly 6 million collisions occur in the US every year. These collisions result in approximately 40,000 fatalities and injure more than 2 million each year. If you have been involved in a car accident, reach out to a Las Vegas auto accident attorney to learn what legal actions you can take. The CDC estimates that these collisions cost the government around $164 billion. Is there any way we can decrease the incident of car crashes? While self-driving cars are in the works, they are far from perfect. It looks like we’ll just have to figure out how to drive more safely until robotics take the wheel.

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Drivers are generally safe – they follow the laws and don’t purposefully drive recklessly. Unfortunately, it only takes one mistake or a moment of distraction for a collision to occur. Many drivers don’t go through formal training and don’t think twice on how to improve. They just drive to get from one place to another and do the best they can.

Defensive driving is a technique drivers can use to decrease their chances of being in a car collision. While it’s impossible to control the behavior of those around you, it is possible to do your best to anticipate their behavior and react accordingly. That’s what defensive driving is all about – predicting what may happen around you and taking whatever anticipatory action you can to prevent an accident. Defensive driving is also about being prepared for a collision if one was to occur. Something as easy as wearing a seat belt can save your life. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, seat belts save over 10,000 lives every year. There are many simple tricks and techniques you can do to drive defensively. Always remember to seek out legal representation if you’ve been involved in any type of car accident. Read more


The Way You Drive Can Increase Your Risk of Car Accidents

Road rage is a common phenomenon in congested areas, such as Las Vegas. Drivers are often focused on the driving of those around them, but rarely consider how their own driving may be increasing their chances of being involved in a car collision. Though there are many reasons a car accident can occur, it’s important to speak to an accident attorney in Las Vegas NV to learn what legal actions you can take.

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Safety is the Majority

Fortunately, the vast majority of drivers follow the law. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that a mere 3% of drivers have ever been convicted of drunk driving and that a large number of drunk driving arrests involve repeat offenders, keeping the actual population of drunk drivers lower than the overall number of arrests. Though it’s important to note that many people simply don’t get caught or end up winning their case even though they may have been breaking the law. All things considered, most people pay attention to the road, follow the laws, and don’t drive recklessly. Though there are many more safe drivers than dangerous, it only takes one to cause an accident. Besides drunk driving, there are many ways drivers can create a dangerous environment on the road and it’s important to seek legal justice from an accident attorney in Las Vegas NV if you have been involved in an accident. Read more