Residual scarring from a dog bite is a constant reminder of the terror. The victim will often suffer nightmares, anxiety and other symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) for years after an animal attack or dog bite.

Our client was a six-year-old girl, staying at the neighbor’s house while her mother was out of town. When the child walked into the back yard the neighbor’s German Shepherd bit her on the forehead and cheek, leaving her not only with permanent facial scarring, but with PTSD. Our attorneys recovered compensation for her current and future plastic surgery, psychological counseling, and pain and suffering.

The law is vague on what a “dangerous animal” is. A pit bull or Akita is not considered dangerous simply because of its breed. At Harris & Harris Lawyers in Las Vegas, our personal injury attorneys, when handling a dog bite case, begin an immediate investigation to provide the background for a strong case. The lawyers also work with medical, psychological and economic experts to see that the jury or insurance company understands the full value of our claim.

Our attorneys are focused on our clients’ interests — a focus that is documented in our Settlements and Verdicts. If a member of your family has been attacked by a dog, or suffered another animal bite, it is important that you see an attorney at the first opportunity, so your case is as strong as possible.