When defective products are sold to the public and people are injured, manufacturers and distributors can be held accountable. It takes an aggressive attorney willing to conduct a thorough investigation to bring a successful case.

Recent unsafe infant and child products have included:

    • Defective strollers
    • Defective infant car seats
    • Defective cribs
    • Toys with unsafe coatings or made of unsafe metals like lead
    • Defective children’s decorative lamps
    • Dangerous toys that come apart, exposing small pieces

The product liability lawyers at Harris & Harris Lawyers have a track record of favorable outcomes in product liability cases involving consumer goods. Although we are a small firm, we have the resources to bring suit against major manufacturers when their products cause injury or death. We do not shy away from a fight.

If your child was hurt by dangerous infant furnishings, injured in a defective car seat or poisoned by a dangerous toy or food product, you may have a valid product liability case. Contact Harris & Harris Lawyers online or call 702-384-1414 or toll free 800-393-2350.

Understanding the True Cost of Injuring a Child

Children are vulnerable in many ways — vulnerable to physical injury due to their size and vulnerable to chemical exposure because their minds and bodies are developing. Injuries in these formative years can have lifelong consequences.

The Las Vegas injury attorneys at Harris & Harris Lawyers work with medical experts to understand the impact that an injury will have in the long term. We work with life care planners to develop a clear picture of the resources your child will need to maximize his or her potential following a debilitating injury. We work with economists to understand both the cost of care and the potential financial limitations your child may experience later in life.

In every product defect case, our objective is the same: to ensure that our client receives fair compensation for his or her serious injuries or for the death of a family member.