Las Vegas Car Accident Attorney

Why You Should Hire an Auto Accident Lawyer

If you are seriously injured in a car accident, an insurance company claims adjuster may contact you at the hospital while you are still groggy with pain medication. The adjuster will ask you questions about the crash and offer you claim forms to sign. This visit or call is designed to trap you into making statements that may permanently damage your case.

Before you sign anything, talk to a Las Vegas car accident attorney who is on your side — not the side of the insurance company. Call a Nevada car accident lawyer at Harris & Harris Lawyers in Las Vegas: 702-384-1414 or toll free 800-393-2350.

Our law firm works with investigative experts to determine the cause of a motor vehicle accident. We work with medical experts who can help us build an effective case for financial recovery for all of our clients’ physical injuries. We will explore all avenues for compensation.

Was your auto accident claim denied?

Insurance companies often deny legitimate claims, particularly claims involving uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage. If your claim has been denied unfairly or your insurance company is unresponsive, our Las Vegas car accident lawyers will fight to get you the benefits you paid for.

Understanding your legal rights if your loved one died

Often what a family wants in the aftermath of a fatal car accident is an advocate and counselor who will listen to their concerns, ensure their rights are protected and support them through this time of loss. At Harris & Harris Lawyers, we are there for you.

A wrongful death lawsuit can give your family an opportunity to get answers about the cause of the fatal crash, as well as accountability from the negligent party. You can be compensated for the loss of financial support and the loss of companionship and assistance that follows the death of a loved one.