Motorcycle accidents differ from accidents involving cars in several key ways:

  • Motorcycle accident injuries are more often severe . The motorcyclist is often thrown into the air, pinned by the motorcycle or crushed between the car and cycle. With or without a helmet, head injuries and neck injuries are common. Other common motorcycle crash injuries include broken bones, road rash (scraped skin), and back and spinal cord injuries.
  • Insurance may be inadequate to cover the injured person’s financial losses because of the seriousness of injuries.
  • Motorcyclists are very often blamed for accidents they did not cause. A failure to see motorcyclists is not an excuse, even though many vehicle drivers seem to think it is. Plus, a good many police officers, motorists, insurance claims adjusters, judges and juries are biased against motorcyclists. “Riding a motorcycle means accepting known risks,” they may say, especially if the biker who suffered head trauma wasn’t wearing a helmet.

Combating this bias is an important part of the job for a Las Vegas motorcycle accident lawyer at Harris & Harris Lawyers. Investigating the cause of a motorcycle accident and determining fault are other key tasks. We have extensive experience and work with investigative experts to build a strong and effective case. We represent injured motorcyclists and family members of fatal motorcycle accident victims.

In our years of personal injury law practice, we have seen many heart-breaking injuries to motorcycle accident victims. In a motorcycle versus truck accident, it is not uncommon for a motorcycle to suffer instant, devastating fatal injuries.

For the motorcyclist who survives, we work hard to help him or her obtain all available compensation from all pertinent sources. Money cannot bring back life as it was before the injury, but it can allow an accident victim to live with dignity. Financial compensation should cover the following:

  • Medical bills paid
  • Rehabilitation and therapy paid
  • Handicapped-accessible housing made available — or remodeling of one’s own home to accommodate disability
  • Compensation for pain and suffering
  • In a fatal accident case, a wrongful death claim should compensate surviving family for loss of income and loss of companionship.