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Las Vegas is just about the hottest tourism spot in the US, and with the tourism, comes a slew of different companies that provide services to these weary travelers. One of the most common is the taxi cab, and if you have ever been to Las Vegas, then you understand how prevalent these vehicles are out on The Strip. If you’ve been involved in a taxi accident you should consult with an injury lawyer in Las Vegas immediately. We will fight ruthlessly for what you deserve!

Taxi Cab Accident Attorney

Accidents with taxi cabs are an all-too-common occurrence, and the taxi cab companies have a responsibility to keep their passengers safe! There are three different groupings used to classify an individual’s relationship to the taxi when an accident with a taxi occurs:

    • As an Unaffiliated Vehicle Operator or Pedestrian – You have not entered into an agreement for the taxi to provide you any type of service, but are involved in an accident with a taxi cab operator either as a pedestrian, or another motorist
    • As a Customer – Passenger – You have agreed to use the taxi service and are inside the vehicle when an accident occurs
    • As a Customer – Pedestrian – You have agreed to use the service, and are either attempting to exit or enter the taxi cab or shuttle, when some type of accident occurs – this could involve the taxi driver running over your foot, or causing some type of other physical injury with their vehicle

Do I Have an Auto Accident Injury Claim?

Personal injury cases with shuttle operators are generally very different from standard car accident cases because commercial operators are held to a higher standard of safety. Even if you have not entered into an agreement with the taxi company, the taxi cab company can still be found negligent, and liable, for the accident. When you are injured while under the care of the taxi cab company, it can be common for the shuttle company to be deemed liable for your injuries.

The taxi cab company can generally be found liable when it was the company’s own negligence that led to the accident – here are some examples:

    • Company performed inadequate background checks / screening of drivers
    • Driver fatigue caused by overwork and not enough rest breaks
    • Reckless driving caused by driver’s desire to get to the next fare sooner
    • Pedestrian accidents caused by driver failing to stop in a safe place, or for long enough

Many of the above situations all arise from the same problem – Taxi cab companies and drivers worrying more about the money they will make, than the lives they have been trusted to protect. Harris and Harris understands this problem and has been fighting vigilantly to ensure proper compensation for taxi cab accident victims. Our Las Vegas car accident attorney will fight to ensure justice is served.

Have You Been Involved in an Auto Accident with a Taxi Cab or Shuttle Operator?

Have you been in a collision with a commercial passenger vehicle operator, such as a taxi cab or shuttle? Were you riding in a taxi cab when it was involved in an accident? The best thing you can do to increase your chances of being properly compensated is to contact a knowledgeable and motivated Las Vegas car accident attorney.

Taxi Company’s Liability

Taxi cab companies, shuttle companies, and the insurance companies that cover their liability are well-funded, but will do most anything to avoid taking blame and compensating victims. Whatever you do, do not make a statement with any individuals representing the interests of an insurance company, or the taxi cab company, until you have spoken with a qualified Las Vegas car accident attorney. It may hurt your case and limit your compensation.

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