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Blind Justice


Our Clients have received more than 60 million dollars in verdicts and settlements.

The following Settlements and Verdicts are a few examples of our results in recent years:

$4.95 Million: (2014)
Client sustained injuries to his neck, back, and shoulder after being t-boned by a utility company truck. His injuries required multiple surgeries.

$3.25 Million: (2015)
Our client was rear-ended while driving a vehicle in Las Vegas near Rancho and the US-95 freeway. The accident caused serious pain that required several surgeries to her neck and back.

$3.77 Million: (2011)
Our client suffered serious injuries to his neck and back when he was rear-ended on US 95. He underwent numerous medical procedures as a result of his injuries. Our firm negotiated this multi-million dollar settlement at mediation.

$3 Million: (2013)
Our client was injured when hit by a commercial beverage truck.

Workplace Accidents

$3.05 Million: (2014)
Client sustained injuries to his neck and back after being ran over by a limousine at work.

$1.55 Million: (2014)
Our client suffered significant injuries to his back when a cable broke on a hoisted bulldozer and fell on top of him.

Defective Products

$1.45 Million: (2004)
Our client, a 34-year-old man, suffered leg injuries when his seat belt failed and he was ejected from his car. The car manufacturer denied responsibility for the seat belt failure. Our attorneys filed a product liability lawsuit on behalf of our client, demonstrated the seat belt defect and negotiated a $1.45 million dollar settlement before trial.

Motorcycle Accidents

$1.2 Million: (2011)
Our client, a 35-year-old Air Force pilot was sideswiped on his motorcycle by a landscaping vehicle. He suffered lower back injuries that required surgery. Attorney Brian Harris negotiated a $1.2 million dollar settlement on his behalf.

Taxicab and Limousine Accidents

$3.05 Million: (2014)
Our client was a bellman at a local hotel and was injured when he was ran over by a SUV limousine. He sustained serious injuries to his neck and back. After months of intense litigation the case settled at mediation.

$2.2 Million: (2006)
Our client, a 28-year-old woman, was hit by a speeding taxicab in a crosswalk on the Las Vegas strip near the MGM Grand Hotel. She required surgery and was unable to work for a period of time. Attorney and managing partner Brian Harris negotiated a $2.2 million dollar settlement before trial, structuring it in a long-term investment plan to provide her with maximum benefit.

$1.5 Million: (2010)
Our client was rear-ended on the freeway by a hotel limousine. She sustained significant injuries to her neck and back which resulted in spine surgery. We were able to settle her case at mediation for $1.5 million.

$1 Million: (2005)
Our client was a 42-year-old Las Vegas police officer. He suffered a wrist injury and neck injury when his car was T-boned by a taxicab at an intersection. The cab driver was talking on his cell phone. Our attorneys filed a lawsuit against the taxicab company for its negligence and negotiated a $1 million dollar settlement before trial.