Brain Injury Attorney

Although all injuries result in pain, inconvenience and some hardship, the challenges of a broken bone, sore neck, or other injury can never equal the turmoil people endure after suffering severe brain damage. A brain injury victim may awaken from a coma with amnesia and not even recognize family members – or may not be able to communicate with them due to the amount of brain trauma.

Harris & Harris Lawyers fight for people who have suffered a serious injury in any accident (like a car accident, tour bus accident, or construction site accident). We serve clients in Nevada, California, Arizona, and Utah from a Las Vegas law office. If you would like to discuss a brain injury claim with a member of our firm, please contact our office to arrange a free and confidential consultation.

An experienced attorney is paramount in brain injury cases

The level of brain damage may not initially be apparent following a serious accident, especially when that accident results in a concussion or closed head injury. Now, more than ever, it is important to seek proper medical attention and consult a lawyer who is prepared to put the necessary resources into detailing every aspect of your case.

Our attorneys view more than the face value of your personal injury case. We work personally with clients to understand their needs. We put the resources necessary into obtaining detailed medical evidence, documenting the full extent and lasting impact the brain injury will have on our client’s life.

Clients suffering from memory loss, blurry vision, balance instability or speech impediments may require extensive rehabilitation and other medical treatment – sometimes for the rest of their lives. This specialized treatment for a head injury can be emotionally draining and financially burdensome for everyone involved.

Understand the full value of your case

At Harris & Harris, we strive to recover the full compensation available in order to alleviate the financial burdens the brain injury has caused the individual and the family. We regularly work with financial experts to help our clients understand what their injuries will actually cost, and what sort of claim to make for compensation.